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The power of true integration

Integrated software

Stop trying to get multiple systems to integrate with each other. HansaWorld solutions are created to work together straight from the box.

Get access to a platform that allows you to run your most important business operations from a single integrated system and also features several advanced tools:

Intergated ERP tools

Tools for any size business

Standard ERP use

Standard ERP

A comprehensive business management platform that meets all the needs of a modern company.

Choose from a wide range of industry-specific verticals and 46 integrated modules and manage your operations within a single platform.

Cloud icon Cloud Based
Flexible icon Flexible
Globe icon Versatile
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Standard small products

Products for Small Businesses

For entrepreneurs just starting out, or growing businesses with a smaller team, HansaWorld offers a range of business management applications for accounting, invoicing, CRM, hospitality, retail, and more.

Choose from a variety of InApps within each product to manage your business with ease and efficiency.

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Working towards a sustainable and green future

Green planet

The lives and wellbeing of future generations depend on our actions today. The negative environmental impact of humanity can no longer remain unnoticed. It is time for all of us to act now.

What HansaWorld does to make our planet greener:

  • Offsetting our carbon emissions
  • Funding micro-plastics research
  • Supporting green activists and researchers
  • Promoting paperless business operations and developing tools that facilitate them
  • Raising awareness of global climate issues through education
  • Promoting electric vehicles inside and outside of the company
Our green projects

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