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Standard ERP offers the tools for a production company to efficiently manage manufacturing and assembly processes, tools such as production orders, bills of materials, supply, and material requirements planning. Operate in a demand driven environment with a fully integrated system that gives you the ability to monitor work in progress and avoid cost overruns.

Standard ERP uses a concept called Recipes for assembly management, bill of materials and formulations. Recipes control which raw materials or subassemblies will be used for finished goods or with other subassemblies, which resources will be used during the production process for cost accounting, the production duration and quantities.

The Production module tracks changing inventory levels (decrementing raw materials, incrementing assemblies and finished goods) and any associated accounting data. Input how many of a particular Recipe you want to produce and Standard ERP will split serial numbered items into separate lines for each.

For Just-In-Time Production, Standard ERP provides automated functions for advance purchases of raw materials and scheduling, all from Sales Orders.

Lead times can be stored for each component with different lead times for each vendor. Default vendors can also be designated for each item. Similarly, the time required to manufacture is stored in each Recipe for use in Production Orders or Productions. There is a batch routine coordinating this process by working from the scheduled delivery date and creating forward Production Orders. This process is beneficial for scheduling production and ensuring on-time delivery, for example, or creating forward Purchase Orders in time to meet the scheduled Production Orders.

Machines are set up in Standard ERP’s Assets module. This provides for a wide range of data to be set for each machine, such as the hourly cost while operating and idling. The Assets module also controls the accounting for machines with different rates for automated depreciation calculations and tax reporting.

To assist in the planning process, you can assign which machines will support the production of each Recipe. If it is ever necessary to produce a subassembly or finished item on a machine other than the default, Standard ERP can be configured to use a different Recipe, thereby reflecting the different speeds and capacities of each machine.

The planning process is brought together by Production Orders. Any work that is to be scheduled will be entered as a Production Order. Standard ERP then automatically allocates Production Orders to default machines and automatically assigns a place in the production queue. Both of these allocations can be overridden manually. The schedule for machines can then be viewed from the graphical Resource Planner.

Take control over your entire manufacturing process, maximize resource utilization, and optimize your production capacity, from raw materials and assembly to final product. To learn more about Standard ERP’s versatile production functionalities, download the brochure here, or contact your local HansaWorld partner.

All other programs were one size fits all and it was important to us to have a system adapted to our needs. We work with tailor-made garments and a lot of critical details to track; no other program would work for us.

- Inger Siri Strand | Managing Director