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Project Management

Standard ERP provides you with the best Project Management tools to plan, execute and closely monitor the status of on-going projects and their respective teams. Project management, job costing and job bag capabilities are all seamlessly integrated, and include all the relevant accounting processes. From construction to professional services, Standard ERP offers the right tools for your company.

Use Standard ERP's pipeline management features to report on conversion rates, value of potential orders per month, and average sales lead times. New job numbers can be generated from quotation details at any point in the sales process – regardless of whether the sale has been closed.

Project records are used to store all relevant data for invoicing, reporting and accounting. Enjoy broad flexibility in the level of detail available for invoices, with different settings available for each project. Create Project Phases designated by the dates from which they are initiated. All transactions will be labeled with their respective phase, a feature not only beneficial for the user, but one that enables reporting on profitability, timing, and project status per phase. Sign off on completed phases and trigger invoicing just for transactions connected to those phases.

Track the progress of your projects with accuracy and precision. Real-time reporting provides you the information you need for a comprehensive, on-demand overview. From resource planning and costing to planning and budgeting, Standard ERP is the perfect tool for your project management needs - every step of the way.