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Career Policy

HansaWorld Careers Data Processing and Anti-discrimination policy

By submitting your application to us you agree that the information, including your personal data, provided to the HansaWorld Company who published the job advertisement you are applying for and whose details you can find in the stated job advertisement (hereinafter - HansaWorld) during the hiring process, including but not limited to information and personal data provided in your application letter, CV, questionnaires and during the job interviews as well as information available in public domain and social media (hereinafter - Data) will be used by HansaWorld in the amount necessary for the evaluation of suitability of your work experience, education, set of skills and professional characteristics for the advertised vacancy you are applying for as well as for the other available vacancies and for the positions which may become vacant in future. You agree that your Data can be transferred to HansaWorld Headquarters HR department for the stated purposes. If you chose to provide the information about your previous employers you agree and authorise HansaWorld to do relevant reference check. You can any time contact HansaWorld and request for access to your Data, request to correct the Data or to delete the data as well as to withdraw your consent given hereby.

HansaWorld is the equal opportunities employer and treats all applicants equally and respects applicable anti-discrimination laws and regulations. HansaWorld is committed to maintaining work environment free from any forms of discrimination and harassment.