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HansaWorld Health Check Services

The changes in today’s challenging markets require companies to be in control, to analyse, restructure and streamline existing business processes more often in order to be competitive and efficient.

HansaWorld has developed a special package of services to help to reassess your business processes and make sure you are making the most out of Standard ERP. A qualified HansaWorld consultant can visit your site, check your system technical settings, give advice on how to improve the usage and feedback on many issues such as:


  • Is my data safe? Are recommended text backup routines in place and do they need improvements?
  • Are my financial transactions safe enough? Is there in-built protection to stop my transactions being altered manually?
  • Do my employees have access to certain areas of the system which only the System Administrator should have access to?
  • How can I see who has updated or altered different records in Standard ERP and on what date were changes made?
  • Whether and when I should carry out database maintenance?
  • Are my server parameters correct considering the size of the database today? What about in the future? 


  • Are all users satisfied with the speed of the system?
  • Do we have personnel who would want to access the system over the internet?
  • Does Standard ERP support my current and future business processes?
  • Does my current version of Standard ERP fulfil all my business requirements? Which features in the latest version of Standard ERP can benefit my business?
  • Is data entered correctly into the system?
  • Do I get accurate reports from the system?
  • Do I have a need for business intelligence or do Standard ERP's 400 standard reports cover my needs?
  • How can I make Standard ERP more user friendly and personal for each user?
  • Have all the settings in the system been updated in accordance with the requirements of the new fiscal year?
  • Could I use Objects and Classifications in Standard ERP to increase data analysis and how is this done?
  • Am I using number series correctly and efficiently?
  • Do we have all the forms for all the documents we need? Could we change our current forms or create new ones?
  • Do I find all necessary reports in the system?
  • Could I customise my system to enable me to run my own specific reports or procedures?

After the Health Check is done you will receive a written checklist about your current system and recommendations on how to make the usage of your system more efficient. You can use this checklist to decide with your consultant how and when these improvements should be implemented.

Make use of our Health Check services and get our experts to analyse your existing Standard ERP system. 

For further information please contact your local HansaWorld representative